I’m a PhD scientist/educator. Here you will find details about my professional background, the courses I’ve taught, and the projects I’ve worked on.

I’m an educator, teaching a broad range of the sciences, with particular expertise in web-based education.   [more]

As a scientist in private industry, I've tackled cutting-edge research problems with world authorities, and presented our results in conferences and top journals.  [more]

I’m a technical writer, routinely producing technical manuals, reports, and grant applications, while serving as a peer reviewer for two ACS journals.   [more]

As a manager in private industry I supervised scientists and technicians, and as department chair I managed staff and controlled budgets.   [more]

I’m a developer of apps and websites, with skills ranging from engineering software to graphics design, video editing, iOS development, and Data Science using R and Python.   [more]

volunteer with a world-wide humanitarian organization serving refugees and those who want our help.   [more]

I'm a broadly trained PhD scientist with strong communication skills. I started my career as a university professor teaching mostly chemistry and biochemistry, and assuming department chair at times. Then in 2008, a biotech startup recruited me to work on a potential medical breakthrough. This gave me opportunity to work with world authorities on cutting edge scientific research. Working together we solved challenging problems using a wide variety of techniques. My colleagues often commented on how much the "professor in me" came out in everything I did: from conference presentations to my attention to detail in writing to my mentoring of younger colleagues. I have always been an educator at heart. [more] [less]

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Over the last 5 years, I have also volunteered with a group providing humanitarian aid and literature throughout the world. In 2015, I was asked to lead research efforts related to the Syrian refugee crisis, which increasingly involved activities in Germany.  In May 2018 I moved to Berlin, visited many former refugees and improved my German. Since then I have studied either German, Italian or French daily.

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