…in Private Industry

I have managed research projects with world-renowned experts, supervising scientists and technicians, training them from the time of hiring to independent productivity. This involved communicating evaluations to employees and executives, and handling difficult matters, including terminations.

In just eight years, I formed relationships with 40+ scientific consultants, and played a key role in organizing a series of international scientific conferences.  Starting as symposia with only a dozen experts, these conferences gradually developed to include hundreds, and were held in England, Switzerland, China, USA, and Australia.  Consulting relationships were maintained remotely by weekly conference calls in a team, and I also traveled as needed to visit their labs.

…in Academics

For 3 years as Department Chair, I played the key role in hiring and supervising support staff and dozens of student workers, managing and tracking complex budgets, evaluating faculty colleagues, staff, and student employees, and coordinating with other departments in programs and scheduling.  I was the chief departmental liaison during a major science building renovation, working closely with architects and engineers to plan and design complex laboratory facilities and coordinate with neighboring department needs.

Directing NSF Programs  for Secondary Schools

For two summers I was Director of a National Science Foundation Young Scholar’s Program which engaged 16-17 year olds in the university research labs of biology and chemistry professors.  I also brought students into my research lab, and as Director traveled to Washington D.C. for training in managing the project budget.

I hosted a separate NSF Summer Workshop for Secondary School teachers to learn NMR Spectroscopy.  I recruited Education faculty and their masters degree students to be part of the workshop as well as a follow-up event where teachers brought their students on a field trip to do spectroscopic analysis. The workshop’s activity report is available (7 MB).

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