Organic Lectures & Study Questions

Chapter 1    Structure & Bonding                    (answers)
Chapter 2    Bonding & Reactivity                  (answers)
Chapter 3    Organic Acids & Bases               (answers)
Chapter 4    Nucleophiles & Electrophiles 
Chapter 5     Alkanes & Cycloalkanes
Chapter 6     Stereochemistry
Chapter 7     Substitution & Elimination
Chapter 8     Alkenes                                               (answers)
Chapter 9     Alkynes
Chapter 10   IR Spectroscopy
Chapter 11   NMR Spectroscopy                    (answers)
Chapter 12   Alcohols & Ethers                        (answers)
Chapter 13   Aldehydes & Ketones                (answers)
Chapter 14   Carboxylic Acid Derivatives (answers)
Chapter 15   Carbanions & Synthesis           (answers)
Chapter 16   Polyenes & Diels Alder
Chapter 17   Aromaticity

higher quality
higher quality

Here molecular modeling and video editing software (Avogadro, ffmpeg, iMovie) are used to interleave models of the molecular orbitals of benzene with the corresponding energy diagrams.

Lists of all 240+ topics160+ study questions, and 270+ problems are available.

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